Wizdiary enables free advertising for small businesses:

You now can connect your audience with your brand on wizdiary.com. Tell the world about your business by simply posting an image on our BILLBOARD, to any location you want (it applies to POST A JOB as well).

Small, medium and large scale businesses could use wizdiary.com BILLBOARD and POSTED JOBS to tell the world about their businesses. They simply have to register and post an image on the billboard or post a job on the posted jobs area to any location they want.


Let's say I want people to know about my business in a distant or near location. I would use wizdiary's billboard and posted jobs, because I want people in that area to know about my business. 

All I have to do:

Click the cross on the billboard and add a billboard (photo/image). 
Filling in the details I type the address I want my ads to show in ENTER A LOCATION bar while uploading an image on the billboard.
My business photo will slide on wizdiary's billboard in that area. 
I will not see it but people within that area will see my business photo sliding.  

Post a Job:

Let’s say I have a café in an area and I need a chef to come in early because we have early customers, I desire a chef living close by because of the heavy traffic. 

All I have to do: 

Click the cross on the posted jobs and add a new job.
Filling in the details I type my business address where I want my ads to show in ENTER A LOCATION bar while posting a job on the post a job. 
Applicants living close by would see it and apply.

Advertising your business on wizdiary.com billboard and posted jobs, commands high density and high traffic consumer exposure. 

The billboard and posted jobs are viewed principally by commuter traffic within your area, and it signifies gain for those who want to enhance their businesses.

ABOUT wizdiary.com

Wizdiary.com is a free online business social network that provide professional and transparent services to small and large scale businesses, locally and across the board.

We provide a high authority platform for businesses and individuals to interact on a one-on-one or group basis. We encourage you to create or register a user profile for your business, it is simple and user friendly.

We endeavour through our high quality website ensure that customers are both satisfied and better informed. We are very customer-oriented, and we value each and every business and strive to serve them better, whether you are a large stock brokerage firm looking for customers to purchase shares, or a small homemade beauty product company. Wizdiary.com caters for all your needs.

We are a search friendly platform that enables you tell and feed your clientele with what makes you different from your competitors by showcasing your skills to let customers know why they should do business with you. Whether yours is a small-scale enterprise or a growing business with multiple branches, knowledge of your unique skills will come in handy when customers come seeking quality services.

It has proven to be an effective marketing tool for those looking to establish themselves in the business world and it has an added advantage. Customers simply have to browse our site to find all the information they need.

Wizdiary.com proves that nothing beats experience. A client may well choose a businessperson with extensive experience in their chosen field over one who attended University but has little or no experience. For any business to gain an audience, it needs to find ways to be more recognized in the market.

Wizdiary allows you to post graphic photos of your business. This gives you better and greater link visibility compared to businesses without photos. Customers crawls identifies you easily and they read and understand more about your company. Photos of your business also allow customers while clicking through, form a vivid image in their minds of what to expect when they interact with you.

The amazing thing about this is that it links and brings customers to businesses (C 2 B) and business to business (B 2 B) in one location and gives you a step-by-step template to help you showcase your business online.

Join Wizdiary.com today and in return you will gain a global audience and greater visibility. We also focus on widening your audience and allowing you to watch your business grow.

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