About Us


Wizdiary.com is a free online business social network that provides professional and transparent services to small, medium and large scale businesses, locally and across the board.


We are all about connecting people and their business to their devices to support and improve their livelihood by branding, growing and marketing their businesses within their immediate community. We support B2B and B2C.


Wizdiary groups businesses that are not similar to each other so that they would be a community of businesses that refer customers to each other and growth would be uniform.


Example of some businesses that could benefit from our support are local surgery/clinics (dental, eye and general), cafe, grocery shop, phone shop, flower shop, restaurant, pharmacy, fish & chips, cake shop, furniture shop, cash & carry, banks & money shop, dry cleaners, car wash, library, locksmith, games shop, car garage, barbering and hairdressing saloon, cobbler, bus and train garage, sweet shop, estate agent, hardware, cosmetics, man and van, post office, police station, hospitals, fire department etc.


These are just a few of the type of businesses that would be supported. It does not matter if the businesses are relative to one another or different, our enabling support to advertise on wizdiary billboard/ad board and posted jobs helps businesses in search of cleaner, waiters, floor attendants, basically workers that could commute to work in a shorter amount of time. Imagine the economic impact it is bring into different communities.


Wizdiary encourages their users to invite a business associate or friend.


Wizdiary will send you a notification when your posted Billboard/ad board and post a job posts expires


You can watch our wizdiary YouTube channels.